Alaska EXCEL student Kayla Morgan

Students are at the heart of what we do at Alaska EXCEL.

Thank you for your interest in Alaska EXCEL. You are the driving force behind what we do. We wouldn't be able to continue our mission without the drive and determination of students like yourself.

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career technical education (CTE) courses

Alaska EXCEL, in partnership with Competitive Edge, will be hosting a wide variety of online courses. Competitive Edge developed the courses and Alaska EXCEL will be delivering the courses to students.*

course list

foundational sessions

preparing to succeed at specialty sessions and beyond

Foundational sessions for grades 7 through 12 have been developed specifically to provide education in employability skills, independent living skills, leadership skills, and healthy lifestyle choices (including nutrition, physical fitness, social media, and drug/alcohol and suicide prevention). Students are exposed to a variety of post-secondary programs and careers helping them make informed decisions for their future. Each student will have multiple opportunities to apply the soft skills they learned in real-life settings. Participants develop their unique personal learning and career plans for future life goals.


specialty sessions

qualified in high school to work now

EXCEL has developed a variety of specialty sessions for students in 10th - 12th grades, including recent graduates. During specialty sessions, students are asked to apply the lessons learned in the Foundational Sessions--employability skills, independent living skills, healthy lifestyle choices, and leadership skills--to real-life applications. Students have many opportunities to experience training in specific careers. They can earn employability certificates and even college credits. Finally, students will have vast training to make an informed decision on the career of their dreams.

students learn

what careers fit,
how to get the job,
and how to keep it!


career pathways

EXCEL has developed the following career pathways for students to learn and experience important employability skills, life skills, and leadership skills. Participants will gain exposure to a variety of careers to help them make informed decisions for their future. Students will have multiple opportunities to gain hands-on, relevant training in their chosen field of study.


internship program

EXCEL has developed internship opportunities for high school graduates who are 18 or older to receive needed and important entry-level, on-thejob training. Participants receive work experience through direct mentorship in a variety of career fields hosted by our industry partners. Interns will have multiple occasions to gain hands-on, relevant training in their field of study.