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These are the foundational sessions that will get you started in the right direction.

preparing to succeed at specialty sessions and beyond

Foundational sessions for grades 7 through 12 have been developed specifically to provide education in employability skills, independent living skills, leadership skills, and healthy lifestyle choices (including nutrition, physical fitness, social media, and drug/alcohol and suicide prevention). Students are exposed to a variety of post-secondary programs and careers helping them make informed decisions for their future. Each student will have multiple opportunities to apply the soft skills they learned in real-life settings. Participants develop their unique personal learning and career plans for future life goals.

7th graders begin

7th GRADERS BEGIN their journey with Alaska EXCEL with the immersion of leadership training. EXCEL 7 participants leave with new confidence in their abilities. From this session, students enhance their communication and teamwork skills and learn ways to build relationships with a variety of people.


grade students only
4 days

8th graders learn

8th GRADERS LEARN to expand on their leadership skills through fine tuning competencies gained in EXCEL 7. Students also acquire improved communication and teamwork skills. Throughout this session, participants gain essential motivational and consensus building techniques.


grade students only
5 days

Freshmen advance

FRESHMEN ADVANCE to the introduction of the career world through interactive field trips and tours. Participants find out more about employability skills and begin the process of building their personal learning and career plan. Students continue to apply their leadership skills as well as building on their healthy lifestyle choices, social media awareness, and drug/alcohol abuse and suicide prevention training.


grade students only
6 days

Sophomores discover

SOPHOMORES DISCOVER an in-depth view of the world of work through a simulated corporation. Each participant applies for a position, is interviewed, and carries out their job duties. Students prepare for a job shadow and learn more about employability skills while having fun.

Additionally, students continue to apply their leadership skills, healthy lifestyle choices, social media awareness, and drug/alcohol abuse and suicide prevention training. They also have the opportunity to earn their driver's permit. Students successfully completing this session earn .5 high school credit.


grade students only
8 days

Juniors explore

JUNIORS EXPLORE corporation-based careers through students' Native Corporations. Juniors begin to use the multiple skills learned in previous sessions to finalize their personal learning career plan, with Alaska EXCEL staff coaching them through many difficult decisions. Add the opportunity to earn an Alaska driver's license for a very rewarding experience! Each student who successfully completes this session earns .5 high school credit.


grade students only
10 days

Seniors prepare

SENIORS PREPARE for life after high school. They apply many crucial soft skills learned from past sessions to practice independent living. They work on budgets, apply for jobs, learn how to rent an apartment, purchase a vehicle, and many more life skills. Participants may apply for postsecondary options such as colleges, trade programs, military, or workforce entry. They experience all that and have the opportunity to obtain an Alaska driver's license! Students successfully completing this session earn .5 high school credit.


grade students only
11 days