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Jump start your career with our internship program.

EXCEL has developed internship opportunities for recent high school graduates to receive needed and important entry-level, on-the-job training. Participants receive work experience through direct mentorship in a variety of career fields hosted by our industry partners. Interns will have multiple occasions to gain handson, relevant training in their field of study.

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Students 15 years of age or older and who have participated in at least two Math-Science Expeditions may want to attend this session. Participants put to use math and science skills while assisting biologists to count salmon, collect fish samples for biological data, and collect habitat information. Students float the river, spending two days at each of five sites. Curriculum is included and required for each student to receive a $500 stipend and .5 high school credit.

    Students study:
  • Fish Biology
  • River Ecology
  • Math and science applied to natural resources

10th - 12th

12 days
George River internship
George River Internship students
Students in the MAPTS program

MAPTS Capstone Internship

The Capstone program starts with two weeks of intensive surface mine training through the University of Alaska's Mining & Petroleum Training Service (MAPTS) in Delta Junction, Alaska. Students spend time on a variety of heavy equipment such as haul trucks, dozers, skid steers, telehandlers, and more. Interns must be at least 18 years of age and graduated from high school the summer they participate in this program.

Following the two weeks of training, each participant experiences a 2-week, paid internship with an industry partner in an entry-level position. Under specific coaching, participants learn how to hone job skills to fit the culture of their workplace.

    Students walk away from their MAPTS experience with:
  • MSHA Part 48 Surface Inexperienced New Miner certification
  • Understanding of Environmentally sound fueling practices
  • Heavy Equipment operations and maintenance
  • Experience in a "mine camp" setting and how to live it
  • Certificate from University of Alaska Introduction to Surface Mine Operations

high school graduates only
14-60 days
mapts internship

Aviation internship

In partnership with CKT Aviation, students will attend flight lessons, ground school, and apply and interview for paid internships with one of a variety of industry partners. Upon being hired, the terms of each internship will be dependent on the needs of the company and student availability. Time can vary from two weeks to two months. Students will learn behind the scenes at local Alaskan air taxis and fine tune their employability skills with weekly coaching and evaluation. Students will also fill out multiple scholarship applications to pursue commercial flight training opportunities.

  • Private pilot ground school
  • Private pilot written exam
  • Job training at local Alaskan air taxi
  • Flight training

high school graduates only
14-60 days
aviation internship

summer transition program

The Summer Internship Program coaches rural students to jobs they can put on resumes. Utilizing the skills learned in previous EXCEL sessions, this program is when a student can really put those specific skills to use. Interns find, apply, interview, and work at an entry level job.

Life-skills is another important facet of this program. Students learn how to use public transportation, how to find and rent an apartment, and how to implement a budget when grocery shopping on their own.

Jobs aren't the only thing important on resumes and applications--students are steered toward volunteer opportunities and log hours helping nonprofits. This program can be two weeks or the whole summer.


grade & graduates only
14-60 days
summer transition program