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Alaska EXCEL Training Scholarship

You can apply for this scholarship if you need training or preparation for college, trades, jobs, or the military! Scholarship funds can be used for a driver's license, interview clothing, government issued documents, tuition travel costs, books and fees, room and board, help with TABE, help with ASVAB, a food workers card, or to open a bank account. Read on for the eligibility requirements.

April 27th, 2022


  • Current high school senior to 24 years of age at time of application
  • GED or high school diploma (if a high school senior credentials due upon graduation)
  • Earned 1 high school credit with Alaska EXCEL, the equivalent of 2 EXCEL sessions (9, 10, 11, 12, or specialty session) or 1 Summer XL Camp. NSBSD students have an exception due to Covid-19, only required to have earned .5 credits through EXCEL

Scholarship Contact Information

Please contact the appropriate agencies for your area
Organization Deadline(s) Eligibility
Alaska Community Foundation
Application available at:
Varies Varies
Arctic Education Foundation
Application available at:
Varies Varies
Application available at:
Varies Enrolled member of a tribe in the AVCP service area
AVEC, Inc.
1.800.478.1818 or 907.561.1818
Fax: 1.800.478.2389
Georgia Shaw
April 15 – College
Voc Training 2-3 Months prior to start date
Application available at:
Member of AVEC or residing in household whose head-of- household is a member
Calista Scholarship Fund
Fax: 907.279.8430
Carmen Williams-Bydalek
June 30th
Application available at:
Enrolled or a Descendant of a shareholder
Coastal Villages Region Fund
1.888.795.5151 or 907.278.5151
Fax: 907.278.5150
Lloyd Black
May 31st – Fall
Oct. 31st – Spring
Application available at:
CVRF Community Members
Doyon Foundation
Application available at:
March 15 Shareholder of Doyon
Jeff Cheng Memorial Scholarship
Application available at:
March 17 Students in Flight Training
K Corp
Application available at:
July 15
Dec 15
Shareholder of K'oyitl'ots'ina
Sea Alaska
Application available at:
March 1 Enrolled to Sealaska Corporation
State of Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development
1.888.282.3526 or 907.543.1601
At least two months prior to start-date Depends on Program
United Utilities, Inc.
1.800.478.2020 ext. 5214 Fax: 907.563.3185
Tam Cleary
April 15
Application available at:
Communities served by United Utilities, Inc.
Wood Bison
Application available at:
February 13 Interest in biology and Wood Bison
Yukon-Delta Fisheries Development Association Scholarship Fund
1.877.985.6625 or 907.949.1202
Doug Redfox
Feb. 14th – UA Foundation
Two months prior for Vocational Training
YDFDA Community Members
YK Health Corporation PA Healthcare Professional Scholarship
1.800.478.3321 ext. 6981 or 907.543.6981
Fax: 907.543.6061
Laurinda O’Brien
No Deadline
Application available at:
Tribal Members and Descendants
Education Housing Assistance Grants
See or call your Local Tribal Office
Limited Funds available
First come first served
Enrolled Member to a Tribal Village
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
1.888.795.5151 or 907.278.5151
Fax: 907.278.5150
Lloyd Black Possible scholarships after a profile on website For College students