Emily Rickman

EXCEL staff page

From: Minnesota, but Alaska is home!

Education: Bachelor's of Aviation Technology in Aviation Management with a minor in Business Administration

Hobbies: Cartwheels, cooking, gardening, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, roasting coffee beans, and being a wife.

How did you find out about Alaska EXCEL? A year before I joined the team at Alaska EXCEL, we had built a sustainable partnership with the nonprofit that I previously worked for. Since then I have fallen in love with the heart and mission and people of Alaska EXCEL, and when there was an opportunity to join the team, we did it together.

Favorite thing about Alaska EXCEL: Alaska EXCEL is such a beautiful and effective tool to empower Alaska's youth. I have a lifelong passion for loving ALL of Alaska and its youth and hope to creatively inspire them to think about their future! One of the most irreplaceable characteristics of Alaska EXCEL is the team and the warm family environment, and I know our students feel the same way.