Foundational Sessions

  • Grades 7 through 12
  • Life & Employability skills
  • Urban awareness

Specialty Sessions

  • Career exploration
  • Post-secondary preparation
  • Job-relevant certifications

College & Careers

  • Test preparation
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid
  • Cover letter and resumé building

Alaska EXCEL is a key component in supplementing CTE curriculum in rural Alaska school districts. Provided with our unique educational opportunities, students are able to experience career exploration starting in the 7th grade and can continue until the summer following high school graduation. Focusing on careers relevant to their regions, participants may explore jobs in health care, construction, heavy equipment operating, aviation, culinary arts, maritime, and more! Foundational sessions hone in on life skills, such as leadership and healthy living, all the while working on employability skills. Some of the other sessions, such as College Prep and Credit Recovery help students prepare for life and goals beyond high school.


“It’s amazing how EXCEL brings students from different regions/districts together and have such an amazing bond with each student. NO ONE IS LEFT OUT!”

Arnold Simon


“Excellent place to learn technical courses. This is good place for all high school students. Thank You EXCEL Alaska. You are a blessing.”

Juliet C. O. Dorshorst


“Greatest, toughest, challenging, the best XL Camp I’ve been to! Will never forget the memories and all the greatest people I’ve met!”

Qaluk’a Wise


“My oldest has been going three years and she loves it! good experience for kids growing up to see different opportunities.”

Stella Chayalkun


EXCEL is an awesome place to be and to learn new experiences. You’ll meet awesome teachers and make new friends from different places. You will learn how to drive and experience what college is like.”

Clayton Gump


“This excel camp is one of the most awesome experiences. Now I have an idea for my future.”

Christina White


“It’s great to see an aviation program starting!”

Melissa Dawn


“The learning is awesome, a chance to explore something before entering the real world.”

Kristine Louise Al’aq Larson


“Amazing opportunity for rural Alaskan students who are looking to further themselves and their education.”

Alison Mae Zaukar


“Interns who have come through the EXCEL program stand out because of their attitude. They’re prepared and are willing to learn!”

Sam Robert Brice
Bilista Holding


“This program is essential for youth in the YK region as it provides so many career and educational opportunities they may not get otherwise.”

Meg Day
Donlin Gold


“EXCEL provides the necessary enhance learning experience to aid students in preparing for higher education but it also targets students who are very capable and interested in non-credit trades and certification opportunities.”

Bill Bieber


“Along with the increased confidence in their interview skills, EXCEL students have a great work attitude when hired.”

Sue Hoeldt


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