The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) – funded by the Alaska Student Loan Corporation (ASLC) – promotes access to and success in education and career training beyond high school.

The Commission provides:  

  • Education planning tools and resources
  • Advocacy and support for postsecondary participation in Alaska
  • Financial aid for college and career training
  • Education consumer protection through institutional authorization and complaint investigation

The Commission offers a suite of financial aid and outreach services, designed to provide educational access necessary for Alaskans to become peak performers, regardless of their financial status. A better-educated workforce will provide a stronger Alaska economy in Alaska, which benefits all Alaskans.

The Legislature created ACPE in 1974 to centralize planning for higher education and administer financial aid programs. In 1987, the Legislature established and capitalized ASLC to provide a mechanism to fund the Commission’s programs through tax-exempt bond sales. Read more about ACPE/ASLC History.

ACPE is overseen by a fourteen-member body established by law, representing educational bodies and the general public.  Guided by the Commission, the Executive Director and staff develop and implement programs and policies to increase access to the benefits of higher education.

ASLC, a public corporation and enterprise instrumentality of the State of Alaska, funds the Commission’s programs through tax-exempt bond sales.  It has a legal existence independent of the State.  The Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors.

The Board’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • Authorize and oversee investments
  • Fund the Commission’s education programs
  • Set investment policies, loan fees, interest rates, and program benefits
    The administrative staff of the Commission serve as the staff of the Corporation. They carry out ASLC activities through the delegated authority of the ASLC Executive Officer, who is also the Executive Director of ACPE.